Cupcake Chats featuring Xav A

When you think “A-List” you recall the top of your field, the ones that get the most attention… right?! Well with the introduction of our verified Audiomack playlist “The A List” is a collection of sounds that are the best of the best (in our opinion) that should be on your radar. Currently Hip-Hop reigns as the dominant genre and many forget the roots that have helped support it along the way over the decades. With that in mind we’ve curated a playlist that all Hip-Hop and music lovers (in general) can enjoy. For the April 2020 update we interviewed one of the artists featured, Xav A for our Cupcake Chats series. The NYC Pop and R&B singer recently released his single “Bills” and we caught up with him to see what it takes to be a true A-Lister in the music industry.

Jzon Azari: We had a while to listen to the music you sent us, and we must say it is quite impressive. We observed that a few of your musical influences are Khalid, Pharrell and Bruno Mars. What lead to you choosing those artists and how have their artistry played part in discovering your sound as an artist yourself?!

Xav A: Thank you! I think I’m similar to those artists because I want my music to really spread joy. Bruno Mars’ album “24K Magic” had all that retro throwback energy that brought me back to some great times, and Pharrell’s song “Happy” was of course a major hit that was all about bringing a smile to everyone’s face. So, I want people to view me in that way as well!

Jzon: Back in 2011 you were featured on NBC’s “The Sing Off.” How’d that opportunity come about and what was your experience like?! Also, how have you continued to keep the momentum going since the show aired.

Xav: That opportunity came because I joined the Dartmouth Aires, one of the country’s oldest a cappella groups! The show really wanted to showcase the group and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Even so, it really changed my life! I’ve been keeping the momentum going by taking all the performance skills I honed on the show and trying to put them into my originals. I love that our group was so high energy, because that is definitely my style.

Jzon: Let’s talk Bills. That is the record you sent us to review. What made you submit that record of all of the music that you’re created thus far?! What made it special?! What was the process behind putting this song together and what is your story embedded in the lyrics?!

Xav: I wanted to submit this song because I’m really proud of the way I was able to fuse my quirkiness with a new contemporary R&B sound. It’s something I always wanted to do, but the right track just never came to me. I was able to find this beat by @asianpapi_89 online and it really stood out to me! I wanted to talk about responsibility and remind everyone that they don’t have to settle for being a relationship with someone who can’t handle basic needs!

Jzon: Continuing on Bills, how is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting you as not just an artist but an individual living in New York?! Is it helping you be more creative or is it adding to your stress factor?!

Xav: I’ll be honest — the pandemic is so terrible and it’s adding a lot of stress. I know people are going through so much and I’m praying for us all to make it through this. I’ve just been doing covers on Instagram ( for the time being to try to lift spirits!

Jzon: You seem to have a unique but simple style when it comes to fashion, so finding out that you have a clothing line is no surprise. Tell us about it and where can our viewers support it?!

Xav: Thank you! Everyone can check it out at! I love big bold patterns, so I wanted to make sure my line embodied that. There will definitely be more designs to come in the future with more fun cartoon patterns.

Jzon: Being an indie artist every move counts double when it comes to your career and having the correct backing goes a long way. We spotted that you’ve partnered with a few brands in the past. What brands are you currently eyeing and what must be met in order for you to partner or collaborate?!

Xav: Yes! I am so thankful to have worked with Live.Me, which is an amazing live streaming site with fun games you can play on stream. I built up so much confidence through speaking with fans on the app. In the future I would love to partner with any up-and-coming brands that make candy! I have such a huge sweet tooth and I know I could speak very emphatically about the product!

Jzon: What can we expect from Xav A for the remainder of 2020 as we go into the second quarter of the year?!

Xav: The rest of this year is going to be focusing on this single — I am going to make a music video, a Tik Tok dance and really try to spread it far and wide. Once that is done, I have a high-energy follow up single that has a Lizzo-type vibe. I know you all will love it!

You can find more about Xav A on website plus find him on YouTube, Live, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Tik Tok. Enjoy Xav A’s new single “Bills” along with several other talented artists featured on “The A-List” now streaming exclusively on Audiomack.

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